Pre Service Training

We have hit the halfway mark for pre service training. Everyday is a new adventure and a continues struggle to stop sweating! I have learned a ton and starting Monday we will be teaching at “model school”. For the next two weeks we will be going to a local secondary school and teaching a group of local kids some HFLE curriculum so that we can practice before moving to our sites in August and teaching for real in October. School starts in September but we get a month to observe before we are “thrown to the wolves”- as staff would say haha. I have gotten very close with the health sector volunteers since we are with each other everyday for 8 hrs practicing lesson plans and performing skits and energizers. Some days feel like summer camp to be honest. I was nervous at first to begin teaching since I have never taught before and I’ve never been amazing at public speaking. I’m learning to yell and speak loudly because, as everyone knows, I have a very soft voice that is also high pitched and I can’t seem to figure out how to reverse my god-given gift! That’s my only frustration so far with teaching lol Other than that, things are going great!

My daily schedule is a little different from home. Everyone gets in bed at 8pm here so I stay up reading and writing in my journals. I wake up at 6:30am and get ready for the day. Breakfast is made by my host mom, which usually consists of two hard boiled eggs and fried plantains. My host mom has yet to let me cook anything on my own, except for one day I was allowed to roll out some bread dough! (Small victory) Class starts at 830am so I hail a car on the side of the road and arrive pretty early so I can hangout and chat with the other volunteers. We usually get done around 4:30pm so every other day I like to hit up the gym that’s across the street and get a workout in. I am slowly getting use to working out in the Guyanese heat but I sweat about 4x as much as I do at home, which is insane! The worst part about it is that I have to hand wash my clothes, so my clothes seem to always carry a lingering smell that will definitely lead to me burning my clothes after two years.

In the afternoons I head home and take my usual bucket shower and relax for the day, eating dinner on the vranda and playing cards with my little host sister. A new addition to my routine is checking my bed for lizards before I go to sleep since I have found two inside my bug net! They are harmless and cute so it’s not the worst situation lol

I’d say everything’s going really well so far! I haven’t had any stomach issues which is surprising but I have gotten two parasitic worms in my foot! Don’t worry, they only itched and I was able to take an antibiotic and they went away in a couple days.

My only daily struggle seems to revolve around food, since I’m not allowed to cook for myself or help cook. We eat a lot of rice and bread and fried meat so I’m really wishing I brought some vitamins with me. It all tastes really amazing, Its just that sometimes I miss raw vegetables. Also salt is doused onto everything so I drink about 5 liters of water a day to make up for that and the heat. My saving grace has been bananas with a lot of peanut butter! I’m down to three protein bars from home so I’m saving them for days when I’m in dire need. I’m trying to go with the flow as much as possible so things are looking up. I’m excited to hopefully cook one day and introduce my family to some American food!

That’s about all that has been happening around here! I’ll let you know how model school goes! (Wish me luck) but if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment!

love always,



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  1. ayshamukadam says:

    So happy that you are sharing your experience with us. Can’t wait to hear about your placement. Seattle misses you.

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