A Hindu Wedding

I went to my first Hindu wedding!

Guyana is amazing in the fact that there are 6 predominant ethnic groups and one of the largest is Indian. And being the adopted children of some local host families we were invited to a family friends hindu wedding! It was a multiple day event so we ended up going on Friday to the groom’s party and then Sunday to the actual wedding! Friday consisted of meeting the Groom and his family and all of their friends in their backyard. Then Guyanese rum and coke was passed around which turned the chatter into a dance party. Typical Indian music was played from a dj stand with huge speakers blasting the sound so the whole neighborhood could hear. We ended up dancing till 1230am with everyone. It was really fun and we were told the next day that Kelsey (another volunteer) and I were great dancers haha I think learning some dance moves at the first week of training was helpful.

Saturday we refueled and went back again Sunday to do basically the same thing except since it was the wedding, there were more people present and everyone was dressed in beautiful gowns. It made me feel like I was at prom again except all I had to wear was a basic dress for work. I felt slightly underdressed and wished I had brought a few more outfits from home, being that all I have is business casual attire and rei clothes made for the jungle lol But anyways it really didn’t matter, people looked at me not because of what I was wearing but because I was a stranger at family event. Nonetheless everyone was super friendly and we were given 7 curry to eat in a water lily leaf! It was amazing!!!

7 curry is a traditional Indo-Guyana dish served with rice and seven different curries, which are traditionally pumpkin, bagee (spinach), catahar, potato/ channa (chick peas), balange (eggplant), edoe, and dahl. Ours was also served with roti, which is a local bread that is used to scoop up the food.

Once the roti was gone we ate the curry with our fingers, since that’s tradition also. It took me a long time to finish while the locals were professionals and ate it twice as fast, and I am a fast eater so that’s saying something. After we gorged ourselves we sat and talked for awhile until the dancing began. We did make sure not to stay out too late since we had training the next day but it was another fun night with great people and music! I’m really excited that I was able to experience a new culture already and I’m really excited to experience more and keep learning about all of the different traditions and holiday festivities in Guyana!

More adventures to be had and more blog posts to come!

Tak lata man!



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  1. Bridget says:

    Wonderful Liz


  2. Monika says:

    Loooveeee 💙💙


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