The countdown has begun!

The count down has begun for my departure to Guyana!

I am trying to get everything together and I felt that I should fill everyone in on how this whole process works! This is the first time I have ever blogged so be patient with me as I am still learning to share my thoughts out loud to an audience and not to my own personal journal. I have two months to finish packing, buy necessary items, and move all of my belongings home to the Tri Cities. 

June 10th I leave home to meet my group (Guy31) in a city in the US where we will get acquainted with one another and fly together to the capitol of Guyana, Georgetown. We will spend the first three months there with host families training and learning everything we need to know to be successful volunteers. After those three months we swear in and officially become volunteers! We are then placed in a town of our own with a host family, where we will stay and work for the entire service of 27 months. My official title is a Community Health Promoter and I will be in charge of a couple projects in my area with three objectives. My main project objective is to increase the knowledge and skills of youth to improve their health and well-being through health and life skills education. Secondly, I will be working to increase the knowledge and skills of adults to effectively support the health and well-being of youth. My third objective will be to increase the capacity of school staff and healthcare workers to provide health education and youth friendly health services to youth. My volunteer assignment will be to work in a secondary school for about 4 days per week and at a healthcare facility about one day per week. There I will be collaborating with children and adults to plan and develop health education curriculum, activities, camps, and working with teachers and healthcare workers to facilitate sessions to strategies with parents on communicating with youth. These are just a few of my many responsibilities but I will also be able to create my own projects. Don’t be surprised if I find a way to start a sports team or something. Anyways, I am extremely excited to meet and work with everyone and I hope to help as many people as I can as well as learn as much as possible! More updates to come in the future but please let me know if you have any questions. 

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